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Automatic Sensor Touch Free Dustbin

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Automatic Sensor Touch Free Dustbin Overview and Specifications

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Automatic Sensor Touch Free Dustbin Description


  • As your hand or rubbish within 20cm away from inductive window, The cover can open automatically.
  • The cover keep open if your hands near from infrared or you still stand there.
  • After you go away from touchless trash can It takes 3 seconds then automatically close,.
  • Making your hands clean and away from germ.
  • Keep you sustaine healthy.it is very convenient
  • Operated by Infrared Induction and Microcomputer
  • Designed with elegant exterior and sensor lid
  • Touch-free design can restrain cross-infection
  • Makes your life more healthy, convenient and flexible
  • Great for your Office, Kitchen or Bedroom
  • Capacity : 6 liters
  • Operation Instruction:

  • Open the battery cover at bottom of the dustbin, and mount 4 #D batteries according to the correct polarity, and close t he battery cover.
  • Turn on the power switch on the rear of the dustbin and the indicator turns red (for 3 seconds approx) and afterwards the indicator will twinkle every 3 seconds, meaning the electric circuit is in normal status.
  • When you want to toss a trash in, just let your hand or the object approach the induction window at 20cm distance over it and keep for 0.5 second then the cover opens up and it automatically closes in 3 seconds. If your hand or object stays in the induction area, the cover will keep open.
  • When the dustbin is full, press “open” button at the induction window (manual open cover button) and the cover opens up but it will not close. The feature is for use when you frequently put trash in and make trash out. To close the cover just press “close” button and thereafter the circuit resumes its automatic induction function.
  • When it is idle, the indicator twinkles in red (every 3 seconds). When the cover is open, the indicator is green, when the cover is closing the indicator is red and when you use manual open-cover function, the indicator twinkle in green. (every 3 seconds).
  • When battery is going to run out, the indicator twinkles in yellow (every 3 seconds) and if the dustbin opens and closes for 20 rounds per day, the battery can serve 3 months.