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TCare - Blood Glucose Machine

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TCare - Blood Glucose Machine Overview and Specifications

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TCare - Blood Glucose Machine Description

Product Descriptions:

These 10 meters varied in age and wear. Some were old, some were new… one was my own personal meter that I used to calibrate my CGM and make mission-critical decisions each day. All of them passed their respective control solution tests, so it’s safe to assume that they were in good working order. I tried to match the testing method employed by Chris (author of the original post) as closely as possible.
The ProcedureEight rounds of testing were performed over the course of 24 hours according to the following procedure:
Wash and dry handsArrange meters on table in random orderInsert new lancet into lancing deviceRemove test strip from each meter’s strip vial and insert strips into metersWipe fingertip with alcohol pad & wait for it to dryPrick fingertip & squeeze out large drop of bloodApply blood to each test strip in orderRecord results
Order of meters was randomized for each round.Tests were performed only when CGM readings were stable (i.e. no insulin on board and CGM showing a slope of ~0 mg/dL/min).I didn’t do anything special to stabilize my blood glucose — just tested as I went about a normal day.The test strips used for each meter all came from their own unique vials.Before and after completing the eight testing rounds, the meters were checked using their respective control solutions. They all passed the control solution tests.