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Sinbo Electric Kettles
  • With Sinbo electric kettles, make tea or coffee at the desired temperature and its unique design will look great in your kitchen.
Sinbo Cooking
  • With poachers Sinbo multifunction Digicook, different dishes, desserts and soups is now very easy to prepare.
Sinbo Hand Blenders
  • Now with Sinbo High Power Turbo Blender, vegetables, meat and even ice can break easily.
Sinbo Vacuum Cleaners
  • 3th Generation Cyclone technology provides the best cleaning results. Thanks to new high-tech vacuum cleaners, Sinbo cleans the floor effortlessly.
Sinbo Irons
  • With Sinbo Smart Irons silk, cashmere, wool and delicate fabrics such as polyester and all the fabric is 100% safe now.
Sinbo Hair Dryers
  • Suitable for professional use, Sinbo Hair Dryer with diffuser options and powerful engine. Attracting the attention of hairdressers.


Sinbo, bringing the revolution in the production of small household appliances. Despite of being young in age, the Turkish company has the professional knowledge, skills and equipment of international standards. It’ll be your smart choice to pick Sinbo products and be stand out. Sinbo will be your new partner and leader of the next generation’s household appliances.


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