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Roller EZ Slider

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Roller EZ Slider Overview and Specifications

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Roller EZ Slider Description

Roller EZ Slider



The roller slide provides one of the very best exercise for the midsection, it allows 
the abdominal to be isolated, causing an effective extension and contraction of the
AB muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.

The Roller Slide frame comes fully assembled, Just slide on the handles until they snap in place and your are ready to to . For storage you can remove the handles by pushing in on the "spring" knobs.


  1. Hold one hand on each handle. Pull in your stomach muscles and arch your back.
  2. Inhale before beginning and slowly roll out the machine, meanwhile allowing your torso to open up. Don't just push your arms out. Take your torso from a curled position to an extended, uncurled position.
  3. When you've stretched out your torso as much as id comfortable, slowly begin rolling the machine back toward your knees, emphasizing the re-curling of your torso, and exhaling