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Promise 1TB SATA Drive Module (TV849LL/A)

Brand: Apple
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Rs. 43,999
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Promise 1TB SATA Drive Module (TV849LL/A) Overview and Specifications

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Promise 1TB SATA Drive Module (TV849LL/A) Description


Serial ATA hard drives
Serial ATA hard drives combine low cost with excellent performance. They feature a point-to-point interconnect to each drive, so each drive is electrically isolated from the others and multiple drives don't compete for bandwidth. The drives come with 32MB of disk cache, operate at 7,200 revolutions per minute (rpm), and use a protocol that enables fast data transfer to and from the hard drive — 3 gigabits of data per second.

Tiered storage in a single RAID box
The Promise VTrak E-Class drive modules can be mixed inside a single RAID subsystem or in the expansion chassis, allowing for flexible tiered storage configurations. 7200-rpm SATA drives deliver high capacity and excellent sequential performance for audio and video data.

Promise serial ATA drive module compatibilityThese SATA drive modules are qualified for use with Promise VTrak E-Class RAID subsystems and VTrak expansion chassis only. The 1TB drive can substituted for a 750GB drive as a replacement or spare in an existing RAID set, although the extra capacity will not be utilized.