Ped Egg Power is a battery-powered dead skin/callus remover that claims to come from the creators of the original Ped Egg. They tout Ped Egg Power is easier to use than the original, as the spinning pad does the buffing for you at 2500 RPM.

Ped Egg Power (and Ped Egg original) are both sold by Telebrands, who boasts to have sold over 40 million Ped Eggs. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two products and the crucial thing they leave out. But first…

The Ped Egg Power Pitch

Ped Egg Power is marketed towards women who like to show off their feet or are plagued by dry, cracked skin. They are pitching Ped Egg Power as even easier to use than the original and will leave your feet feeling sexy and ready to show off.

Ped Egg Power Vs. Ped Egg

Both Ped Egg Power and Ped Egg have one function: to gently remove dead skin cells from your feet. Although they are sold under the Ped Egg name, they are essentially two completely different products:

  • Ped Egg Power looks like an electric razor; Ped Egg original looks like an egg and fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Ped Egg Power has a buffer of an unnamed mineral of an unknown coarseness on a roller, powered by a battery; Ped Egg original has over 135 “micro files” on its face.
  • Ped Egg Power’s roller moves at 2500 spins per minute; Ped Egg is moved manually across your feet
  • Ped Egg Power can be moved over your feet in all directions; Ped Egg must be moved back-and-forth in order to work.
  • Ped Egg Power lets the dead skill cells fall away; Ped Egg has a hollow container inside that promises to collect them as you groom.
  • Ped Egg Power contains no battery information as to whether it can be replaced or recharged; Ped Egg needs no battery.