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Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Brand: Orient
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Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531 Description

Outer Dimensions (mm) 380 X 385 X 1015
Net Weight (kg) 21.5
Gross Weight (kg) 23.5
Capacity (Litres)
Hot Tank 1.4
Cool Tank 3.5
Ref Box 19.5
Compressor Capacity (HP) 1/10
Compressor Make Korean/Japanese
Cooling Speed Fast
Thermostat Cool Tanks yes
Thermostat Ref Box yes
Miscellaneous Features
Child Safety Lock yes
Condenser Material Copper + Bundy
Door Insulation 50mm
Slide Handle for Easy Lift yes
Auto Evaporation of Defrost Water yes
Ref Box Drain yes
Compressor Cooling yes
Extra Fins for Adjusting Ref Shelf 3
Hot Tank Heat Losses Glass Wool
Water Taps 3 (Cold, hot, Room Temperature)
Indicator Safety yes


Hot, Cold and Fresh Water

Convenience is not that you get hot and cold water from one machine; with Orient Water Dispenser, you can even get water at normal room temperature. The new 3 taps provide hot, cold and with the latest addition of fresh water tap; water at room temperature! Now you can enjoy a hassle free lifestyle in the true sense.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Child Safety Lock

Children, being most active, energetic and curious, are very likely to get into unwanted accidents. Keeping this in mind Orient Water Dispensers are designed to protect children from any unpleasant accidents that might come their way with the Child Lock feature. The Child Lock water tap hinders hot water from spilling and consequently prevents accidental burns and ensures infant safety.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Easy to Handle

It is never an easy task to move your water dispenser from one place to another. It may cause pain or physical discomfort. To eliminate this risk, we have provided convenience to our customers; the Orient Water Dispenser comes with side handles. No other water dispenser in the market offers this feature. This allows you to move, lift and position your Orient Water Dispenser whenever and where ever you want with utmost ease.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Water Drip Tray

The purpose of the drip tray is to collect the dripping water from the taps. The edges of the drip tray are upturned so that the water is collected therein.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Glass Wool Insulation

Orient never compromises on quality that is the reason why every part used in our products is up to the standards. Being a safety conscious manufacturer, instead of Open Cell Foam, Orient uses fire resisting Glass Wool insulation for the hot water tank which is long lasting, durable and more reliable.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531


The Refrigerator of Orient Water Dispenser comes equipped with more than one first-of-its-kind features. It's the first and only water dispenser refrigerator with a thermostat and the only one with thermo-regulator and temp-regulator. It also has the Auto Evaporation function, which helps the defrosting function.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

More space Inside

Adding more convenience to its products, Orient has made the refrigerator compartment of its Water Dispenser with the maximum storage capacity. It can store chilled bottles, soft drinks and other food items.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Insulation Protection

Going up another notch in terms of user convenience, Orient has made the refrigerator compartment of its Water Dispenser with the maximum storage capacity. It can store a greater number of chilled bottles, soft drinks and other food items than any other.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Cover Tray

Orient products are designed for customer convenience and are technically advanced and sound. Orient Water Dispenser is equipped with thick insulation of Polythurethane(PU) in its Refrigerators compartment. High density EPS molded part is used around the Cool Tank for insulation. This aids better performance of the product and saves energy at the same time.

Orient Water Dispenser OWD-531

Water Drain

The Refrigerator Box Drain is another hallmark of the Orient Water Dispenser. It keeps the refrigerator compartment clean and dry. Thanks to this feature unpleasant odour do not spread in the refrigerator compartment -no other water dispenser in the market offers this feature.