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Multi Color Knock Down Shelf

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Multi Color Knock Down Shelf Overview and Specifications

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Multi Color Knock Down Shelf Description


ook ma, no hardware! This knock-down shelving unit is held together without using any permanent joinery or hardware to hold the shelves to the end frames. Yet it's very sturdy.
The shelves rest on dowels in the end frames. This makes the whole unit easy to disassemble by just lifting shelves off the end dowels.

Multi Color Knock Down Shelf

  • This is a easy project for the beginner woodworker.
  • The timber used was Pine.
  • Marking out the dowel holes in the end frames requires accuracy, so measure twice drill once.
  • I found it easier to drill the frames in pairs clamped together.
  • The shelves are two pieces of 140 x 19 mm Pine biscuit joined together then ripped down to a width of 242mm.
  • The trenches routed across the underside of each shelf allow the dowel to sit in them and lock in position.
  • The shelf stiffener needs to be screwed onto the shelf back when in position at time of original assemble then the end frames just clip on & off when you need to move it around.