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Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder

Brand: Merlin
Delivery Time: 2-5 Days
Rs. 7,099

Stock Status: This product has been discontinued from our stock. Please call our Support Center at 03-111-444-717 for further assistance and availability of this product or email at [email protected]
Delivery Charges Rs. 99

Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder Overview and Specifications

Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder is now Available at Symbios.pk

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Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder Price in Pakistan is Rs.7,198 as of Sat 24/07/2021

Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder Description

Product Descriptions:

The best wearable support for your smart devices Holds your device out in front of you while you sit on a couch, travel on a plane or even cook in your kitchen Flexible and Fold-able Adjustable size Support your posture while you are using your smart devices

Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder


Magical Fact

According to medical experts, Neck Muscles, in their proper position are designed to support the weight of your head, aabout 10 to 12 pounds. Researches show that looking down at your smartphone with your chin to your chest can put about 60 pounds off force on your neck. Merlin Pro - Mount's unique design helps you keep your head upright, relieving your neck of the unwanted pressure and resultant pain

Health Benefit:

Merlin Pro - Mount is a unique flexible holder for all kinds of your smart devices. It helps you in improving your posture while using your smartphones or tablets, therefore, no more neck pain and soreness in the muscles.


Adjustable Size:

You can adjust the size of the holder using the unique rope, designed to fit most of your smartphones and devices. Now hold your smart devices out in front f you while you are travelling or evn cooking.


Mount your Action Camera

Enjoy a U-Touch mount for your digital action cameras and capture much more stable and detailed moments.


Flexible and Fold-able

Merlin Pro-Mount is designed using high quality flexible material and special clamps. These unique clamps provide you the freedom to hold your smart devices securely.

Merlin Pro-Mount Neck Phone Holder