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Hexbug Nano

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Hexbug Nano Overview and Specifications

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Hexbug Nano Description

Hexbug Nano

Hexbug Nano

The HEXBUG Nano family is diverse and includes several unique “collections” and “series”, named after the world’s most accomplished scientists and their key discoveries.



The HEXBUG Nano is a tiny, collectible, micro robotic creature that uses the physics of vibration to propel forward and explore its environment. Powered by a tiny motor, and 12 fixed, angular legs, the industrious critter traverses the ground beneath it and quickly navigates through the most complex mazes. Possessing an uncanny sense of balance, it can even flip to its feet and zoom forward when turned on its back! When coming into contact with an object in its path, the energetic insect will switch directions and scurry away on a new path due to its persistent random behavior.


Crawling bugs


Behaves like a real bug


Flips over by itself


Fits in your hand 


Batteries included