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Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case

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Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case Overview and Specifications

Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case at symbios.pk

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Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case Description


The Power of Two

Why a Dual System?

A single gaming computer can be mighty, but sometimes one is not enough. When your main build is put to the test by the latest games’ computing demands, doing anything else, such as streaming or hosting your website, can hurt performance. The best way to solve this is to use two computers. Now, you can have both in the same case with Gemini X.

Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case

Dual Build

To guarantee top-notch performance, Gemini X allows you to build two full computers within a single case. A high-end build (up to 12 x 10.9 in motherboards) for gaming, and a Mini-ITX build for streaming or hosting. Two full computers in the same case to guarantee top-notch performance in everything you do.

Primary / Top Chamber

Secondary / Bottom Chamber


Dual View

Vertical or Horizontal. Two ways of using Gemini X that not only allow it to suit your space distribution; they also let you choose which components you want to see. Some older parts in your case? Put the case horizontally and hide them in the secondary chamber while the primary chamber shines in all its glory. What if everything you have is new and RGB? Then put it vertically for everybody to see. The choice is always yours.
Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case

Dual Quality

Most aluminium cases’ metal thickness is under 1 millimetre. We did 3 millimetres. Most tempered glass cases use 4mm-thick glass. We used extra-thick 5mm glass. As the premium case it is, Gemini X screams quality from every angle. Durable and robust, this is a case you’ll love for many years to come.
Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case
Cougar GEMINI X Dual Tower Case

Dual Airflow

Two elongated chambers, with up to five fans and a massive lateral vent each, provide your components with an uninterrupted and potent airflow that will keep components’ temperatures under control while the cable management space between the two chambers allows heat to dissipate. For extra cooling in the primary chamber, it supports up to two 240mm radiato