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Clean Clam Car Cleaner

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Clean Clam Car Cleaner Overview and Specifications

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Clean Clam Car Cleaner Description


Some cars with leather interiors only have leather seating surfaces. Others have leather in locations other than just the seats. Because cows don't come in green and blue, Leather interior colors have to be custom dyed to match. The dye can wear off but it is possible to restore thin areas if it's not too bad. Leather requires special cleaners and conditioners to keep the leather supple and soft. If the leather cracks or wears out, then it may be time for new seat covers. This car is in fairly good shape for being 15 years old but could use some cleaning.

The leather wrapped steering wheel has seen a lot of use. The dye is worn through in spots and the wheel is quite dirty. The leather is sewn on so it is very important not to damage the threads or the outer covering will come off.

Clean Clam Car Cleaner
Spray the leather cleaner directly or onto a clean, soft cloth. Terry cloth or an old cotton sock works well. I keep a bag with discarded, clean sweat socks and old "tighty-whities" cut up into rags.