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360 Spin Mop

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360 Spin Mop Overview and Specifications

360 Spin Mop.Hands-free mop ringing technology available at symbios.pk in the lowest price with free delivery all over Pakistan..

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360 Spin Mop Description

360 Spin Mop


360 Spin Mop


  • Hands-free mop ringing technology
  • Keeps your hands away from the water
  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Re-useable machine-washable mop head
  • Dual washing & drying system
  • Heavy duty stainless steel mop handle


Super save power / time / electricity On the base of innovative conception and dehydrate theory , it has powerful cleaning and 100% complete dehydrate effect which cannot make your hands dirty , now it has the following advantages : no waste physical strength , no need to plugging in operate easily , both man and children can use conveniently Dry / wet use cleaning / traceless / safe New dehydrate device, it can control the dry / wet percentage of the list automatically, it has the merit of cleaning, dust absorption, time saving, dry quickly and safely. Fashionable mop head patent design which can be rotate 360at random and can reach any corner easily. Unique list fiber which can clean the dirty parts powerfully and it would not scratch the floor and some other exquisite surface. Use easily / happy and healthy It adopts the technological design and can reduce the burden of hands / lumbar muscle which would not make you tired and body hurting, you only use it easily and make you do the homework quickly , comfortably and healthily. You can finish the homework by this product adopt design of environmental expansion packs, you can change the lists by yourself and clean the environment of your home like bathroom / kitchen / living room / bedchamber easily . this one valued then normal mops and let you do the homework leisurely and help you save money. Use many ways it can be used as a mini dehydrate machine which is suitable for the ordinary materials / washcloth and hose similar products. It can be used at home and some commercial or public space, like different kinds of floor / windows and glasses / wash the car and burnish and different parts.