Transform your TV into a smarter one with Xiaomi MI Android TV Box

We know that the  love for your smartphone has outgrown the love for  your TV because your smartphone can show you videos with better quality and faster streaming, has innumerable apps, games and everything you need. But we also know that it is extremely draining to have your eyes glued on such a small display. So annoying that despite your yearning to watch the next buzzfeed video, you just have to snap your phone shut because you can’t hold it anymore. We all have been a victim of it.  But one thing we know and you don’t is, that your problem has been solved!

Android TV boxes are really popular these days because of a variety of reasons. They can make your boring android TV smarter and gives you everything or I should say, even better than your phone, Smart TV or laptop can give you. They can feature a larger variety of apps than your Smart TV, give you a better display and have reasonable price at the same time. These are the features that every Android TV box comes up with. But if you are going for Xiaomi Mi TV Box, then we have another good news for you and that is you can get all of these features at a price as low as Rs. 8,500 and a quality even better than the mainstream TV boxes currently in the market!

Believe me, you are not dreaming. Xiaomi is the best thing that you could get when you step into your house in the evening and want something to freshen you up rather than tire you down even more (similar to what you can expect your smartphone to do). So why not look more at the features of Xiaomi TV box that would make you buy it right after reading this blog?

Built In Google Cast-Because Xiaomi wants you to be up to date:

Watching videos, shows or playing apps on phone is so old fashioned that’s why Xiaomi has built in Google Cast which can send (or ‘cast’) everything from your phone, tablet or computer right on your TV! So play games, watch shows, see the latest news with a bigger and a better display with Xiaomi!

Someone who understands you:

Xiaomi Mi TV Box listens and is able enough to figure out your interests. Just speak what you want into the remote control and you will have it in the blink of an eye! It also knows what you like and so it will also have recommendations of movies/apps based on your interests.

Display Quality Along With Fastest Streaming-Xiaomi Lags At Nothing:

Xiaomi is made for the people highly obsessed with the latest trends. So it comes up with latest  trends in the TV technology and that is HDR (High dynamic range) that gives a better contrast to pictures, makes them look more natural and realistic. High dynamic range along with the phenomenal Ultra HD (4K) quality makes your favorite characters come to life with spectacular details, vivid contrasts and clarity like never before.

A really common myth suggests that a good video quality comes with slow streaming. But since Xiaomi wants you not to worry about anything  (just like a good friend, no?) so it comes with high performance processor that could deal with 60 frames per second-a speed like none other. So, watch your favorite celebrity perform live or play video games without worrying about the speed.

Supports DTS and Dolby Digital Support:

Xiaomi wants you to have an amazing cinematic experience right on your couch. So along with the amazing display and astounding speed it supports Dolby Digital Plus and DTS multichannel HD audio encoding that would give you the most realistic stereo sound ever.

A  Wide range of games keeps  yourself entertained all the time:

Xiaomi Mi Android TV box is inducted with Quad-core CPU, 3+2-core GPU and supports Bluetooth gamepad which will give you the best gaming experience without worrying about anything. So spend a fun-filled evening with your friends playing a wide range of games and keep yourself entertained 24/7!

Smart is what defines Xiaomi not just on the inside but also on the outside:

This tiny little thing is smart inside out. Its highly portable, sleek and innovative design has received international recognition and is a winner of both red design and good design awards!

In a nutshell:

Smart people make smart choices. Xiaomi Mi TV Box has astounding features and unmatchable quality that made it outgrow smart phones, smart TVs and has everything that you want inside it. From the Ultra HD video quality to fastest streaming, from built-in Google cast to voice controls, this TV box will not make you regret a single penny of yours. Now you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, watch YouTube videos, play video games, browse thousands of Android apps on Playstore right in a single device with a better quality!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Xiaomi’s Android TV box from and we will get it to you right at your doorstep!

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